External Finishes

All of our external finishes for your Modular Garage / Building will be matched to your home. This will ensure that the Modular Garage / Building will fit seamlessly into its surroundings. The external finish is applied to a Magnesium Silicate Board that is strong and does not degrade over time giving increased longevity compared to wooden clad buildings.

Wall Finishes


Smooth Render (Nap)

This is one of the two standard finishes that are available at no extra cost. Nap finish is designed to look like a concrete render. It has a smooth surface that can be painted to match your house.


Roughcast Stipple

This is the second of our standard finishes. It is designed to look like a textured concrete finish that some houses have. This can be painted any colour to match the house.



We try and source our marble chip from the same supplier as the Dash on your house to make sure you have maximum integration.



We can  Integrate our buildings with the brick used for  your home. We source the exact brick that was used and we then cut them to 12mm thick. We can then fix them on the front of the building.



This is a wood effect panelling that offers the authentic look and warm appeal of Dutch lap sidings while being low maintenance. The CanExel Finish comes in a range of colours.



This external finish is made from fibre cement reinforced calcium silicate. It is designed to have a wood effect that is low maintenance and rot resistant. It can be painted any colour.

Roof Finishes


Box Profile Cladding

This finish comes as standard on Modular Integrated Buildings. It is a roll formed PVC coated steel. It is long lasting and comes in a variety of colours.


Tile Effect Cladding

This is an optional extra on Modular Integrated Buildings. This is also made from PVC coated steel so it has the same longevity as the box profile cladding but this is designed to look like roof tiles.

Internal Finishes


Standard Finish

Our Standard internal finish consists of the steel frame that supports the building which is shot blasted and undercoated. The inside finish of the cladding is then seen. This finish is ideal for a garage or general storage as it is low maintenance.


Premium Finish (MegaDeco Board)

Our Premium internal Finish consists of a Vinyl Coated plasterboard. This material is easily cleaned and does not need to be painted. It also includes a drop ceiling, is fully insulated and finished with PVC architrave and skirting that is maintenance free.