• Bespoke Modular Steel Buildings

All of our buildings are bespoke, but if you need something specific we would be happy to help. To get a quote for a bespoke building you can contact us by either email or telephone. We can even generate 3D models of the building to ensure you get quoted for exactly what you need.

Some examples of bespoke buildings include garages that are partially sheeted with our integrated finish, such as the front façade only, or internally sheeting an existing building with our laminated plasterboard to make it warmer for your needs. We also have a range of Playhouses that make excellent Christmas presents for both boys and girls.

If access is a problem, no need to worry. We have designed a Flat-pack Integrated version of our Bespoke Buildings that can be installed in only a day with need for only limited access which means we can site our buildings almost anywhere.

All Bespoke Buildings include:

  • Box Section Steel Frame
  • Total customisation to suit your needs
  • Anti-condensation Lining on Roof
  • Prime PVC Coated Cladding on Roof

  • uPVC Fascia Board, Guttering and Downpipe
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Fully Guaranteed

Our modular garages are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. The frame is manufactured from box section steel which provides the high tensile strength that allows the building to be transported fully finished. The external finish is applied to a non-perishable synthetic board that is also fire resistant making the building completely watertight and ensures the longevity of the building.


Condensation is totally eliminated with our innovative design and anti-condensation lining on the roof.

All work is carried out by experienced professionals and pride is taken on every Bespoke Building that we install.