Steel Workshops

  • Steel Workshops

H2 Buildings UK provide Steel Workshops to the UK Mainland only.

With our innovative truss and frame structure, H2 Sheds can now offer our customers bigger and better workshops for a fraction of the cost of portal framed and RSJ sheds.

Our Steel Workshops have the following features and benefits:

  • Roller and Pedestrian Doors as standard
  • Prime PVC Coated Cladding
  • Seamless Aluminium Guttering (optional on some models)

  • Galvanised Roof Purlins (optional on some models)
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Ireland Nationwide Delivery
  • Non Drip Roof

Our workshops are manufactured from using only the highest quality materials. The frame is manufactured from box section and the exterior cladding is Long Life Prime PVC Coated. Roller shutter doors, pedestrian doors, galvanised purlins and non-drip roof are fitted as standard and we also offer skylights, windows and guttering.

The exterior cladding comes in a variety of colours as do the flashings, roller doors and guttering. This ability to customise your building makes installing a workshop an attractive addition to any property.

Condensation can be totally eliminated with our our Non-Drip cladding. We also use a burn-back technology which prevents roof sheets absorbing water from outside the shed.
The roller doors we use are spring loaded tension roller doors and come fully guaranteed from the manufacturer.

H2 Workshops are truly versatile, and with no need for serious foundations, can largely be built anywhere. All we require is a concrete base which we then can bolt the shed to and seal the edges, producing a long life top quality product. These workshops can be disassembled or reassembled in a short space of time.

All work is carried out by experienced professionals and pride is taken on every workshop we install. It’s also piece of mind to know that H2 Sheds can manufacture and erect a workshop which will fully comply with Building Control.